Happy Customers

Coming from someone who is terrified of the dentist, my recent visit was the best experience at a dental office of my life! I had to have a couple of cavities filled, which the thought of that in itself brought on some pretty intense anxiety. Once Dr. Clyde came in, he cracked a few corny jokes and asked me a couple of routine questions that, through the distraction, greatly diminished my anxiety. The part procedure I was fearing most was the local anesthetic, aka, the shot. The way Dr. Clyde injected the shot made it so I didn't even feel it! After the procedure was done, I honestly felt a bit silly for having been worked up as much as I was. Dr. Clyde is now the only dentist I will ever use!

Louden B.

Every time I go see Doc Clyde and his people they make me feel like family.

Highly recommend this place! Incredibly friendly staff, along with a very professional dentist! Dr. Clyde is truly one of a kind!

Dr. Clyde is AWESOME!! His staff is excellent and made me feel very comfortable. If you want a place to relax while having your teeth cleaned or whatever else you need done...this is the place!!

Great dentist! He does great, long-lasting work, and truly cares about his patients. Highly recommend!

My son did not know he ever got a shot in the mouth until he was a teenager! We had to tell him! The good Dr. is SOOOO good you can't feel his shots.