Caring Dentistry Runs in the Family For Dr. William R. Clyde

Since 1964, Dr. Clyde has been serving families in the Tyler, TX, area with the quality dental attention they deserve. From toddlers to seniors, clients find that our office and our friendly approach to dentistry meets all of their needs. If you want to make sure your teeth and gums are in great shape, but sometimes fear visits to the dentist, Dr. Clyde is the perfect provider for you. Trust our family to take care of yours when you visit today.

A Dentist for all ages

From the moment your little one's teeth begin to break through, you want to ensure that you give them the best dental care possible so that they learn excellent oral care habits. When you reach your senior years, you will reap the benefits of taking great care of your teeth.

William R. Clyde, D.D.S., cares for patients of all ages, from 3 to 103, offering personalized and professional attention during every visit. No matter your age, our dental practice meets all of your needs.

Read What Our Patients Are Saying

Coming from someone who is terrified of the dentist, my recent visit was the best experience at a dental office of my life! I had to have a couple of cavities filled, which the thought of that in itself brought on some pretty intense anxiety. Once Dr. Clyde came in, he cracked a few corny jokes and asked me a couple of routine questions that, through the distraction, greatly diminished my anxiety. The part procedure I was fearing most was the local anesthetic, aka, the shot. The way Dr. Clyde injected the shot made it so I didn't even feel it! After the procedure was done, I honestly felt a bit silly for having been worked up as much as I was. Dr. Clyde is now the only dentist I will ever use!

Highly recommend this place! Incredibly friendly staff, along with a very professional dentist! Dr. Clyde is truly one of a kind!

Every time I go see Doc Clyde and his people they make me feel like family.

Great dentist! He does great, long-lasting work, and truly cares about his patients. Highly recommend!

William R. Clyde, DDS, Inc., Dentist, Tyler, TX